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Remedying Lingering Issues After Child Birth with BHP Care

Remedying Lingering Issues After Child Birth with BHP Care

Giving birth to children has a dramatic and profound effect on the body. Though many women will be quick to tell you that the experience is meaningful and rewarding, it is often not without side effects or compromise. The impact on the body after bearing children can be cosmetic and based on appearance, or it can manifest with physical effects. Both can have a negative impact on a woman’s confidence and feelings of self-worth. Issues like lingering stretch marks, loose skin, or sagging breasts are all common repercussions of bearing children, as is involuntary urination or a decreased ability to enjoy sexual stimulation. The world class treatments at Beverly Hills Physicians can remedy these issues with topnotch plastic surgery procedures that provide results.

At BHP, in addition to our other famous services and treatment options, a mommy makeover is a popular choice for mothers wishing to address issues they experience as a result of the childbearing process. The mommy makeover often includes a tummy tuck to address loose skin and stretch marks. Meanwhile, our vaginal rejuvenation procedure can eliminate involuntary urination or restore sexual stimulation. Each and every one of our procedures is performed with superior expertise by one of the finest medical teams in the field to ensure our patients receive the results they’re looking for.

Our commitment to quality at Beverly Hills Physicians is one of the main reasons why potential patients throughout the greater Los Angeles Area trust in our services. As a full service center, BHP provides a wide range of treatments from cosmetic dentistry to podiatry to weight loss services and vaginoplasty. Throughout every service we provide, BHP is dedicated to providing world class care to every patient.

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