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Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

There are many factors that go into the risk for getting heart disease. Genetics, age, family history, smoking, and stress are all major reasons why somebody is at risk for heart disease. However, one of the biggest risk is being overweight. Obesity is connected to many of the additional health risks that are associated with heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and uncontrolled diabetes. Lack of physical activity is also a factor. If you’re severely obese, the best way to lower your risk of heart disease is through weight loss surgery with Beverly Hills Physicians.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are devoted to improving the overall health of our patients who are in need of losing weight. Diet and exercise are not always surefire ways to lose weight, especially when you’ve been fighting obesity and bad eating habits for decades. Surgical options like Lap Band and gastric sleeve surgery are often the best option for obese people to lose weight because the procedures promote faster weight loss. With the help of one of these surgeries, you can get to a more manageable weight that will allow exercise to become easier.

Whether you’re interested in Lap Band or revision weight loss surgery, Beverly Hills Physicians can help you get to a healthier weight. Weight loss is never an easy process, but with the help of talented bariatric surgeons, you can be on the path to a healthier life in far less time than you might think. We are here to help.

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