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Reconsidering Weight Loss Surgery, with BHP

While any major surgery is a major decision, choosing to go under the knife for weight loss surgery can be truly daunting, because the journey isn’t over when you leave the operating room. In fact, with Beverly Hills Physicians, that’s just the start. Gastric sleeve surgery involves a bariatric surgeon removing the vast majority of the stomach, while the remaining part is made into the shape of a small sleeve. Because the stomach is smaller, patients feel full significantly earlier than they would normally, and eat less frequently than they did before.

Another surgery offered by Beverly Hills Physicians is the revision weight loss surgery. This surgery, or rather, different surgeries, usually involves the removal of an adjustable gastric band and performing aforementioned gastric sleeve surgery. It may also entail band over bypass, where the patient who previously had gastric bypass then get a lap band over it.

Our board-certified Beverly Hills Physicians weight loss surgeons know many patients will feel scared about whether their second bariatric surgery will be successful, but they should know they’re not alone, by far. The mechanism behind the surgery is relatively simple to explain: because the stomach has a smaller capacity, patients eat less, and feel full sooner. What’s more, the “hunger cues” your stomach sends to the brain will be altered, because a portion of the stomach that sends these cues is removed. Patients eat much less and still feel satisfied.

If you’ve been living with the shame and hassle of excessive body weight, isn’t it time you took action for yourself, your family, and ultimately, your health? You owe it to yourself to contact Beverly Hills Physicians today to learn more about how sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band can help you get to a healthy weight. Call us today at (800) 788-1416!

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