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Recall of Potentially Dangerous Weight Loss Supplement Highlights Proven Effectiveness of Bariatric Procedures

Recall of Potentially Dangerous Weight  Loss SupplementAccording to a recent article on Consumer Affairs, Lucy’s Weight Loss System, a product marketed as a weight loss dietary supplement, is being recalled due to the discovery that it contains dangerous adulterants. Because there is not a single supplement on the market proven to help people safety lose excess weight, such cases are nothing new. When diets and regular exercise fail to end the long term struggle with obesity, bariatric surgery is still the only scientifically proven method to reduce excess weight in patients with severe obesity. Due to the devastating health conditions associated with obesity, bariatric surgery can literally be a life-saving procedure when considering the risks of living with severe obesity. At BHP, we make every effort to stay on the cutting edge of weight loss procedures while still utilizing safe, proven, and effective techniques. Some of the weight loss procedures we offer include:

Sleeve Gastrectomy – The gastric sleeve is rapidly becoming the most popular weight loss surgical procedure because it is not only highly effective, but also minimally invasive. Patients will feel full much more quickly into each meal, because the procedure removes roughly 85 percent of the stomach tissue, while the remainder is sewn into a sleeve-like shape. Removing a large portion of the stomach also means that production of hunger inducing hormones, which are known to cause the constant feelings of hunger that make long-term weight loss so difficult, is significantly decreased.

ORBERA Intragastric Balloon System –This new and innovative FDA approved device is an extremely promising solution for those that do not quite meet the body mass index (BMI) requirements for electing bariatric surgery. In a clinical trial of the device, patients on average lost about 10 percent of their starting body weight. While every patient is unique and there is no ideal solution for each and every one of them, the Obera intragastic balloon system is among the least invasive and most successful of weight loss procedures surgeries for those not eligible for other procedures.

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