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Rebounding Consumer Confidence and Increase in Qualified Specialists Leads to Rise in Cosmetic Surgery

With unemployment down, and the US economy marking consistent and healthy growth that’s on par with pre-recession rates, many industries and market sectors are experiencing a surge of expansion. As the American public continues to gain confidence in the economy, individuals of both genders are increasingly exhibiting a willingness to spend money on products and services based on emotional needs and desires. Cosmetic procedures are now comfortably in reach of budgets ranging from those of CEOs to working moms. For years, we at BHP have been proudly offering world class procedures, and with a surging economy, their leading-edge treatments are more popular than ever.

According to the National Health Institute, Americans spent the largest amount of money on cosmetic procedures in 2013 than they have since before the Great Recession. The most popular procedures have been liposuction, breast augmentation, and face lifts, which are up 16.3%, 5.4%, and 5.2% respectively over the past year alone. The overall yearly increase was 12% with over $12 billion spent. Though the rebounding economy is a large factor in these increases, warming attitudes and public opinion have also played a significant part. According to Jack Fisher, the president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “Technological advances, less-invasive procedures, and greater accessibility are making aesthetic procedures far more attractive to the public at-large.”

With the public more interested in aesthetic procedures than ever before, cosmetic surgery centers are popping up to meet this demand. BHP has been at the very forefront of this wave and we’ve been proud to offer an array of popular procedures and treatment options. Our centers are full service facilities that offer a wide range of options from rhinoplasty and facial procedures, to weight loss operations, podiatry, and gynecological services.

At our medical offices, we offer only the best technology and most proven techniques for minimally invasive procedures that minimize the chances of complication as well as recovery times. We stay engaged with patients throughout the entire process from inquiry to postop to ensure that they’re always comfortable, that their progress remains positive, and that their individual needs are met.

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