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Real Weight Loss Results

For those who are struggling with obesity, there’s nothing more important that losing weight. Obesity-related illnesses are extremely dangerous to your health, ranging from diabetes to sleep apnea. Not to mention the confidence issues that can keep you from living your best life. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we’re dedicated to helping patients lose weight in a healthy and efficient way with our outstanding weight loss surgery options. Bariatric surgery is the perfect way to boost your weight loss journey, especially if you’ve had difficulty shedding the pounds through traditional methods in the past.

By itself, weight loss surgery isn’t a cure for obesity. Patients still have to put in the hard work, including eating a healthier diet and getting in some exercise. However, it also makes the process more efficient since your body chemistry changes to induce faster weight loss…most importantly, it reduces your appetite, making it easier to make the big changes. The major bariatric procedures are Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve. It’s important to discuss with your Beverly Hills Physicians specialist which of the various surgical options are right for you. Depending on your medical history and lifestyle factors, you may be suited for one surgery more than the other.

Whether you want Lap Band or gastric sleeve, it’s essential to have an incredible surgeon on your side. The team of surgeons and wellness experts at Beverly Hills Physicians have decades of experience guiding patients through the process of losing weight. We even have on-site nutritionists for your convenience. Call our offices today to set up a consultation. Your journey to real weight loss results starts now.

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