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Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

As the American workplace becomes more and more competitive, people are also working longer as lifespans increase. This combination of factors puts pressure on many men to stay looking young even as they get up there in years. Simple things such as sagging skin, bags under eyes, or wrinkles and crow’s feet can make a man seem less energetic and able to perform the duties of the job, even if it is strictly a surface level perception. Thankfully, Beverly Hills Physicians offers men an array of cosmetic procedures that can make them look and feel younger and more able to compete in the 21st century workplace.

One of the most common procedures that our surgeons perform are facelifts for men who are concerned about sagging skin. A facelift both lifts the skin and revitalizes the facial muscles to make people look younger, fresher, and more alert. Another common request from our male patients is for a nose job, more commonly known as a rhinoplasty. The male rhinoplasty procedure has risen in popularity in recent years, as it has become more accepted, and as technology has allowed surgeons to produce completely natural looking results.

And, it’s important to note that the face is not the only area that men seek to improve. One of the most popular procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians is liposuction for men who want to remove stubborn pockets of fat that won’t seem the go away from diet and exercise alone. Whatever procedure you are thinking of having done, there is no better team of multi-disciplinary surgeons than the plastic surgery experts at Beverly Hills Physicians.

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