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Proven Techniques Lead to Increased Patient Confidence; More Breast Augmentation Surgeries

Cosmetic operations like breast augmentation surgeries are on the rise throughout the nation. According to new polls taken by the National Institute of Health this week, the number of breast augmentation procedures has increased 45% since 2000. In addition, according to the same study, 54% of the individuals polled now report they would consider plastic surgery procedures over 23% fourteen years ago, and 72% of polled participants state they would not view someone who underwent cosmetic surgery negatively. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we’re part of a trend toward world class treatment that is a major factor contributing to this shift.

Although plastic surgery procedures are not new, and have been safe, viable, and practical for decades, many procedures have been viewed with skepticism in the past by certain under-informed pundits and members of the general public. Thankfully, in recent years, these attitudes have shifted due in no small part to the openness of former patients in disclosing their treatment, including numerous world-famous celebrities. As people began to increasingly witness the positive results of these procedures, plastic surgery has emerged as the sensible and practical option it has always been for women and men seeking to improve their appearance.

Of course, the outstanding work of top medical professionals like our crack medical team has helped to cement the improved image of cosmetic procedures. We only offer the highest quality of treatment options with the most proven methods and most advanced technology.

We believe that everyone has the right to have the bodies they want to have. Moreover, we dedicate ourselves to patient education to ensure that all that clients have the facts they need to make the best possible decision about their treatment. By helping the public stay informed, and have an inside look into the merits, positive impact, and safety of cosmetic procedures performed by experts, we continue to lead the way in terms of mainstreaming cosmetic procedures with in demand procedures that are continually rising in popularity.

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