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In the days and weeks leading up to your cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s very important to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. Make sure that you follow all of the pre-surgical instructions that your doctor provided for you in preparation of your surgery. It is also a good idea to prepare yourself mentally for surgery and understand what you should expect after the procedure. You may want to prepare meals in advance and make other necessary arrangements if you are undergoing a body lift or other procedure that will require more than a day or two of recovery time.

Gather Information

It’s ideal to write down everything that the doctor tells you about your surgery before the date of the procedure. Your doctor should tell you if you need to follow a special diet or take a certain supplement before undergoing the procedure. They should also tell you what to expect during the procedure and afterward, during your recovery period. Most doctors recommend that their patients stop smoking before any surgery, and they may also recommend a special diet if you need to lose weight before the procedure. Before your surgery date, you should have a good idea of the amount of time it will take your body to recover. Every person’s body is different, but the general amount of recovery time should be similar to others who have had the same procedure.

Prepare for Recovery

You will probably need someone to drive you home after surgery, even for a relatively minor procedure. Make sure that you have everything that your doctor thinks you may need after surgery, including medication, special pillows, wound dressings, ice packs, and sunscreen. You should always protect your skin from sun damage after a procedure, especially if your cosmetic surgery procedure affected your facial skin.

Staying with a friend for a few days or having someone come to stay with you so that you have support any time you need it during the first week after surgery is a great way to prepare. Someone that you trust should be available to help you with basic tasks such as preparing food, going to the bathroom, and bathing. They will also be able to gauge your recovery and encourage you to call the doctor if you experience extreme side effects or are not healing properly.

Pack Your Bag

Before surgery, you should pack a bag that contains everything you think you will need immediately before and after your procedure, especially if you will be staying in the hospital overnight or longer. Bring an MP3 player and several books or magazines to entertain yourself during your recovery. It’s also a good idea to pack a comfortable outfit for the ride home. You may also want to bring your favorite shampoo, a hairbrush, or other personal items that will help you feel comfortable during your immediate recovery. Ask your doctor before packing your favorite snack, as a restricted diet after surgery may apply.

Prepare Mentally

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and you will probably have some doubts and uncertainty both before and after your surgery. Rest assured that this is completely normal. The best way to battle your doubts is to arm yourself with information. Talk to people who have undergone the same procedure that you will be having, especially if they had the same surgeon. They’ll be able to tell you how they felt before and after the surgery, and may even show you pictures of themselves before and after their procedure. It is equally important to discuss your concerns with your doctor. They will be able to answer any questions you have and give you information you need to put your mind at ease before the procedure.

If you are nervous just before getting on the surgical table, think about the benefits of the procedure and why you are having it done. Recovery may not always be easy, but most patients find that the results are well worth the risks they took by undergoing the procedure.

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