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Preparing for Surgery

Once you’ve elected to have a cosmetic surgical procedure, the next important step is to prepare yourself for the experience. Many small changes prior to your date of surgery can help speed up the healing process, make your procedure go more smoothly, and ensure a positive outcome and healing period. Keep in mind that both physical and psychological preparation is necessary to create a worry-free recovery.

Get Educated

Putting your body in the hands of a surgeon requires a certain level of trust. Make sure you ask your doctor about any questions and concerns (no matter how small) you have and get all the pertinent details about the procedure. Learn as much as possible ahead of time about pre and postoperative care, precautions, and possible complications of your procedure. But keep a rational mind if reading up online. Horror stories and over-exaggerations can make the internet a less-than-desirable place to learn—so stick with your doctor’s information, but be sure to address any red flags or uneasiness you feel.

Weigh the risks versus the benefits of your surgery and know the potential outcomes. Be realistic about what you can expect and reconcile that in your mind beforehand. Don’t go into surgery dwelling on risks and potential complications or an inflated expectation of the outcome. As they say, positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.

Talk to your doctor Beverly Hills Physicians about preoperative and postoperative care and documentation so that you can review these materials well before your date of surgery.

Arrange for Help

Make arrangements for someone to drive you to and from your procedure. If you will be bedridden, ensure that you have someone with you to bring you food and water, and help you to the bathroom. If you have pets or children, walk your helper through the steps necessary to care for them.

Line up a few friends or family members to be available during your first few days after surgery in case one becomes unexpectedly unavailable. Clear your schedule of responsibilities so that you are not inclined to return to normal daily activity before it is advised. Remember—this is a time of resting and recuperating, not a time to catch up on work or other stress-inducing activities.

Prepare Your Body

Preparing your body is an important part of ensuring the best surgical outcome.


  • If you are a smoker, consider quitting before your surgery to help your body focus on healing. Sometimes, your doctor requires it. Make sure you bring this up with your doctor if you are a smoker.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol a few days prior to your procedure.
  • Avoid extreme exercise directly before your surgery so that your body has the energy to heal and your physiological state is balanced.
  • Make sure you shower the night before your procedure. Avoid wearing any makeup, moisturizers, oils, creams, or deodorant directly before your procedure.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes the day of the surgery and remove all jewelry and earrings.
  • Take care of your personal needs before surgery and get your haircut, manicure, pedicure or facial beforehand. Depending on the surgery, you may not have a chance to handle these things for a lengthy time after surgery.
  • Be realistic about how much energy and enthusiasm you will have following surgery. You may not be in the mood for company, so prepare your social network for a potential absence.
  • Buy dressings, ointments or gauze, and any special equipment you will need ahead of time.
  • Follow proper nutrition by taking multi-vitamins and eating well-balanced meals in the weeks or months prior to surgery to support your body’s healing powers.

It is also very important that you remember not to eat or drink anything for at least twelve hours before your procedure.

Prepare Your Home

Go shopping ahead of time and make sure you purchase plenty of food, snacks, and crackers. Make sure any post-operative prescriptions are filled ahead of time and talk to your doctor about when you can resume daily activities.


Put your home in order ahead of time by cleaning, doing laundry, paying bills, and running any trailing errands. Remember that you most likely won’t feel up to doing these things after your surgery, and may not be advised to move around much for some time. It will be nice to have a clean, organized, and stress-free space when you are healing.


Re-arrange your furniture to make it easier to move around. Make sure the floor is clear and the path to the bathroom is not blocked by items that could trip you after surgery. Simple changes like hanging soap on a rope in your shower or laying out towels ahead of time can help your post-surgical experience be an easy one.


Set out enough comfortable clothes, snacks, and entertainment for a few days after surgery. Loose-fitting loungewear can go a long way in making your post-surgical experience a comfortable one.


Eating a well-balanced diet, quitting smoking, and arranging for help can all speed up the healing process. Preparing your home is also very important in getting ready for a stress-free surgical procedure. It is most important that you focus on yourself and your healing after surgery, so be sure not to schedule tasks and priorities that could compromise your healing process. You can take this time to relax, catch up with novels and films, and nurture your body and mind.


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