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Pokémon Go vs. Obesity?

It’s likely that a great many players may be motivated to become more physically active and may possibly lose some excess weight thanks to the enormous popularity of Pokémon Go, according to a recent article on Forbes. Although increased physical activity promotes weight loss and participating in activities like the video game phenomenon may help many people lose a few pounds, severely obese patients, particularly those with mobility issues, are unlikely to game their way to a new life. They will typically require the help of bariatric surgery to lose a significant amount of weight. However, severely obese individuals can benefit from vast improvements to their overall quality of life, such as:

More Fun – BHP notes that severely obese patients are often limited in their ability to participate in enjoyable physical activities, even relatively mild ones like Pokémon Go – often due to issues ranging from joint pain to shortness of breath. BHP adds that it’s hard to have fun when severe obesity is harming your health, and procedures such as the gastric sleeve and Lap Band can jumpstart patients weight loss and, with it, their overall health and happiness.

Reduced Health Risks – Obesity can be linked to various conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease that can then lead to numerous extremely dangerous health issues, most of which can seriously reduce both the quality and the length of a person’s life. With the help of weight loss surgery, patients can significantly reduce the potential for risks ranging from high blood pressure to sleep apnea, a dangerous condition which can also induce intense fatigues. Because these risks are significantly decreased with a significant weight loss, weight loss patients who have benefitted from today’s minimally invasive procedures can live significantly longer, healthier, and more fun-filled lives.

Confidence – Of course, losing a significant amount of weight can oftentimes make patients feel better about themselves. Being able to feel comfortable in a healthier body can motivate patients to make the most of their lives in ways that go far beyond participating in the latest augmented reality game craze. 

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