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To provide the best and most comprehensive plastic surgery services, the BHP medical network must consistently stay on the cutting edge of medical innovations

The popular silicone breast augmentation procedure turned 50 last year. While the silicone breast implant is half a century old—and the field of plastic surgery stretches back thousands of years—innovations are constantly being made to improve the safety and the results of plastic surgery before and after. Beverly Hills Physicians is a medical network in Southern California that depends on their board certified doctors to understand and be qualified to perform the most recent advances in the industry. In fact, three cutting-edge procedures are now available at BHP: fat transfer to hands, stem cell facelift, and stem cell vaginal rejuvenation.

Fat Transfer to Hands

The benefits of this procedure over fillers are that it reduces the appearance of an undesirable pocket of fat and using a person’s own fat offers a much longer lasting result. Hands are often the biggest indicator of a person’s age. Now, with this procedure, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Stem Cell Facelift

Andrew T. Cohen, MD, FACS is the Division Chief of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai and brings the scientifically advanced stem cell facelift to Beverly Hills Physician’s outpatient clinics. This alternative to traditional facelift surgery also uses fat from liposuction to enhance the patient’s appearance. However, the fat, which contains stem cells, isn’t directly transferred; it’s placed in a machine that makes the fat rich with stem cells and ready to be injected.

Then, Dr. Cohen uses this stem cell-enriched fat to subtly and effectively enhance the places where his patients feel that they’ve lost volume. The stem cell facelift can be performed completely under local anesthesia and offers a full, fresh look, rather than the tight, pulled back appearance associated with surgical facelifts. It also has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, which appears smoother and healthier after the procedure.

Stem Cell Vaginal Rejuvenation

Using the same concept as the stem cell facelift, this procedure restores the muscle tone, tightness, and appearance of the vagina. It also acts as a g-spot magnification procedure, making sexual activity much more pleasurable. Plus, because the area is so delicate, many prefer this procedure to prior treatments which used a scalpel or laser, left scars, and required weeks of recovery time.

Beverly Hills Physicians Holiday Open House 2013

All of Beverly Hills Physicians’ Southern Californian offices are hosting an open house over the next month to answer any questions about these procedures and any other plastic surgery currently offered. In addition to being informative, the medical network is also offering one day only promotional pricing on many of these procedures, including $9/Unit on Botox, $375/vial of Juvederm, and more when scheduled in conjunction with the open houses. The dates and times for each open house, by location:

    Beverly Hills: November 21st, 10am-5pm
    Beverly Hills: December 5th, 10am-5pm
    Lancaster: November 23rd, 9am-11:30am
    Oxnard: December 5th, 2pm-5pm
    Pasadena: December 10th, 11:30am-5pm
    Rancho Cucamonga: December 4th, 10am-5pm
    Thousand Oaks: December 3rd, 2pm-5pm
    Valencia: November 23rd, 1pm-3:30pm

Call 1.800-670-3602 to schedule a free consultation at an open house near you or learn more by going to

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