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Plastic Surgery Options for New Moms

Plastic Surgery Options for New Moms

Are you a new mom who is unhappy with the changes to your body after giving birth? You’re not alone. Many women experience self-esteem issues after pregnancy. Changes such as stretch marks, extra weight, and sagging breasts won’t likely do very many favors for your confidence. The highly skilled team at Beverly Hills Physicians believes that all new moms should feel just as happy with their body as they are with being new moms. That’s why we offer the mommy makeover, a package of procedures which are designed to enhance your natural beauty and have you feeling great again.

The surgical options in the mommy makeover can hit each of the trouble areas caused by pregnancy. If you’re unhappy with the changes to your breasts after breastfeeding, breast augmentation can help. A tummy tuck is usually included in the mommy makeover because it tightens the skin and removes any excess fat. If you had a natural birth, you might have noticed some changes in the vaginal area, such as urination issues or loss of sensation during sex. We offer vaginal rejuvenation surgery which is designed to fix those issues.

The plastic surgery before and after gallery can give you a good indication of the amazing work done by the leading surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians. Our network of surgeons, wellness professionals, and beauty experts can have you feeling good about your body again. We have locations throughout Southern California. Call our offices today to set up a free consultation, in which we can answer your questions and discuss your plastic surgery options.

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