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Reclaim the Body You’ve Always Loved

Reclaim the Body You’ve Always Loved

Some women feel hesitant to elect plastic surgery because they don’t want a change in appearance to change who they are. But, many new mothers know that the joys of being a mother come with a few unwelcome physical changes. That’s where the Beverly Hills Physicians mommy makeover package comes in.

The mommy makeover package is not about changing who you are, but instead returning you to your former self. Many mothers love the newfound strength, resolve, and compassion that come with being a mother, but miss their pre-pregnancy body. Some women assume that they can’t have both, but with the help of BHP, you can have it all.

The most common issues that new mothers experience are sagging or drooping breasts as a result of breastfeeding, unavoidable loose skin or stretch marks from a growing belly, involuntary urination and decreased sexual stimulation. Whether you are suffering from any or all of these problems, BHP has a treatment plan for you.

We provide simple tummy tuck surgery to combat loose skin and breast lifts or augmentations to get you back to the level of beauty you’re accustomed to. Our doctors are also highly skilled at performing various types of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, including g-spot magnification to restore sexual stimulation.

Being a mother is all about sacrifice to provide for the child you love, but it’s important to find time for yourself. Our friendly consultants can work around almost any schedule or budget, and would love to talk to you about getting you on track to reconnect with your former self today.

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