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Plan for Plastic Surgery during Summer Vacation with Beverly Hills Physicians

Whether out-of-town or local, plastic surgery patients at Beverly Hills Physicians are getting amazing results from summertime cosmetic procedures.

 Summer presents many opportunities to us for taking vacations; workplace policies relax somewhat, kid are out of school, and gorgeous weather allows travelers to see the finest destinations. It’s also the time of year when people can stop looking at plastic surgery photos and start actually having the bodies they want to see in the mirror. Plastic surgery experts like those that work for Beverly Hills Physicians can easily schedule an operation during a vacation, allowing the patient to enjoy the rest of their summer with renewed confidence.

One of the most popular operations performed during a break is the mommy makeover. Perhaps this is because it’s bathing suit season or simply because their children might be off at a relative’s or at camp, but mothers around the country find this time to be the best time for a physical transformation. A mommy makeover refers to any combination of surgeries done together to reverse the unpleasant effects of childbearing. Most often, it will include some of the following: tummy tuck, vaginal reconstruction, breast lift, and body sculpting through liposuction. Sometimes the mommy makeover will also include other procedures that a mother has been considering for a long time—like a rhinoplasty or eyelid lift—that can also enhance her appearance. The board certified plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills Physicians are experts at knowing which procedures will get the best results and have the skill and experience to minimize discomfort and recovery time. This means that a patient’s operation will go exactly as planned with no need to extend the number of vacation days used.

Not only can Beverly Hills Physicians schedule a cosmetic surgery during a vacation, the team can also arrange a whole vacation around an aesthetic procedure. The marketing department of Beverly Hills Physicians works with a broad network of hotels, restaurants, and car rental agencies that can perfectly accommodate any patient’s recovery period. These businesses frequently handle many patients during the immediate post-operative period and provide the highest level of service possible. This means that these hotels, restaurants, and car rental agencies understand the concepts of discretion and comfort.

Moreover, the BHP team can point to exciting and unique attractions near where clients stay. From well-known attractions like Disneyland to museums, art galleries, and music venues that are the best in Southern California, Beverly Hills Physicians can truly enrich the patient’s vacation time. In fact, it’s this large network of discrete and accommodating businesses that attracts such a large percentage of Beverly Hills Physicians’ clientele from out of town and even out of the country. Where you go truly matters and this is no more evident than in the aftercare services provided by Beverly Hills Physicians.

Whether a patient is traveling from across town or across the world, the helpful and friendly employees of Beverly Hills Physicians strive to make every experience as comfortable and easy as possible. They’re trained to discuss travel details and field any questions about a procedure. They’d love to schedule a free consultation, either in person or through the phone. Contact Beverly Hills Physicians via phone at 1-800-788-1416 or by going to www.beverlyhillsphysicians.com.

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