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Pounds Lost:
60 lbs*

I have always been overweight and could not get the weight off on my own. The LapBand® helped me get the weight off and get me to my ideal weight.

My mom and sister had plastic surgery at Beverly Hills Physicians so it only came naturally for me to choose Beverly Hills Physicians because I already had such a good relationship with them. I have lost and achieved my goal weight. My self confidence is so much higher than what it used to be!

I am surprised how the Lap-Band® has worked. I don’t even realize I have it sometimes. I am so excited this year to wear a bikini. I am finally able to feel good about myself and show that to people too.

I had such a great experience at Beverly Hills Physicians. The doctor gave me his cell phone number and I would be able to ask him questions day or night and he would always get back to me.

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