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Pounds lost: 100 lbs*

I have always hated hearing “if I could do it, so can you” because I always tried and failed. I have done every diet known to man. I realized I needed help. I walked into Dr. Misra’s office and told her how scared I was to fail again. She walked me through everything and assured me she would be there for me through the whole process; and she has! I had lap-band surgery in August of 2010 and in just shy of 2 years I had lost 100 lbs*.

It wasn’t easy and weight loss surgery doesn’t mean you don’t have to work at it, but it was the missing piece for me. I worked out, ate as best I could and with the assistance of the lap-band, I didn’t binge on food which was a major issue for me. Dr. Misra was honest about everything and encouraging when I struggled, because any weight loss journey is a struggle.

Today I am in the best shape of my life* and I wouldn’t have been able to be there without Dr. Misra and the lap-band. Being a woman struggling with weight, it was nice to have a female doctor who could understand and relate. She always made me feel like family when I would walk through her door. I have reached out to her in this past year of maintenance and it’s nice to know that she will be there for me in the future!

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