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Pounds Lost:
91 lbs*

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After a heart attack when I was 37 years old due to my weight and stress, and my wife’s embarrassing moment trying to close her seatbelt on the plane headed on our vacation to the Bahamas, we decided it was time to get healthy. We had tried everything, “sweating with the oldies,” hip/hop abs, and we cannot forget all the latest and greatest exercise equipment we bought. We lost weight every time we tried something new, but we would gain it right back and then some. I had high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and my cholesterol was through the roof. My wife also had high cholesterol, sleep apnea as well as diverticulitis. We were in bad shape, and needed to get healthy for our kids and ourselves. Veronica and I had asked our personal physician about weight-loss surgery and she was skeptical, but we started to research it regardless because Veronica and I were getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight.

That is when we found Beverly Hills Physicians and met with the phenomenal Dr. Misra. She went through all the different procedures with us and answered all our questions. We really took our time researching all the different weight-loss procedures. We decided to get the gastric sleeve procedure, but before our surgery date Dr. Misra and Beverly Hills Physicians made us work with a nutritionist, and that is when we realized we had a bad relationship with food.

We couldn’t have been happier about our decision to both get the gastric sleeve procedure. I have lost 82 lbs* and went from 272 to a current 190 lbs*. Veronica has lost 81 pounds* and went from 293 to a current 212 lbs*. We both are off our cholesterol medication*, I no longer need blood pressure medication*, I no longer have diabetes* and we both no longer have sleep apnea*, and now we have a great relationship with food and our bodies.

One of the weirdest things that has happened is that I’m more attracted to greens and vegetables and Veronica used to like sweets and now some things are way too sweet! Life has been renewed for us, and we are so full of energy now and have a new zest for life.

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