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Pounds Lost:

I’ve struggled my whole life with my weight, like many of you. My father is a doctor, and he watched and supported me through all of the diet plans, none of which I could stick to long term. The minute I went off the diet, the weight would come back, and then some. Physically, I suffered from knee and back pain, chronic GERD and asthma. Emotionally, I felt isolated.

My dad is the one who introduced me to the LAP-BAND® System, and encouraged me to really take it seriously. I learned that I was ready to and willing to commit to a new lifestyle, and that the LAP-BAND® was right for me. I was scared at first that I would fail again – but I had the support of my dad, the advice and help from my nutritionist and surgeon who monitored me very closely. Pretty soon the weight started falling off and before I knew it, I had lost 110 lbs*.! I’ve never looked back – my LAP-BAND® keeps me in control of my life and my lifestyle, and I’m healthy and happy, at last.

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