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Melissa V. McDonald

Pounds lost: 65 lbs*

Why did you decide to have Weight Loss Surgery?
Having to diet since the age of 12, I gave up on the dream of achieving proper fitness on my own. At the age 18, I had the opportunity to have weight lost surgery to finally feel better about myself. I was ashamed of the way I looked and how my loved ones felt about my health. My mother was the only one who understood how horrible I felt about the way I looked and the weight I had climbed to.

Why did you choose Beverly Hills Physicians? I chose Beverly Hills Physicians because I initially heard about it on the radio. I also had a close friend of my moms who had surgery through them, as well researched and reviewed some of their success stories online. After feeling bad about my weight, the above sequence of events took only a week, and by that time it was like it was made to be; it was going to change my life.

What has your experience been so far? On my first appointment, people I had never met before in my life spent so much time listening to what I wanted out of life and understanding my situation. They were very patient and nonpressuring, something very different from typical doctors offices. I felt like I was part of their family: people who would pick you up and keep you on track because they know how much it means to you to keep going. My surgical advisor, Nicole Sims, was my deciding factor as to whether I was going to have the surgery. She treated me as if I was her own daughter, from setting appointments and routinely checking on me, to coming to visit me postsurgery to ensure everything went well. She bent over backwards to make certain I was successful and accomplishing of my goal. The same could be said of the performing surgeon, Dr. Misra. What has surprised you the most? All of the doors that opened up to me as I was beginning to lose weight. It was surreal to me as I started to feel different about myself, mentally and physically. I was astounded as to how big I actually was, and that as the weight was going down, my confidence was everincreasing. Clothes that were once awkward to wear for a bigger girl suddenly didn’t fit anymore. I had to buy new clothes throughout the next year as the weight continued to go down.

What are you most looking forward to now? Continuing towards my evercloser goal, that will be reached: looking as good as I feel. Getting to the point of truly loving my body and myself. The confidence hat I had throughout the years leading to my surgery is now warranted and representative of my body.

Anything else you want to share… To all future or prospective surgery candidates: this will change your life. I have been in your shoes. I have felt the hurt and shamefulness of seeking out weight loss surgery. But you have the opportunity to forever change how you look and feel better about yourself. Go in, talk to a surgery consultant. Sit down and share your story. The help Beverly Hills Physician gives is outstanding.

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