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Pounds Lost:
97 lbs*

Q: Why did you decide to have Bariatric Surgery (Realize/LapBand)?

A: When I was unable to walk up the stairs without feeling I was going to have a heart attack. I did not want to continue carrying the weight.

Q: Why did you choose Beverly Hills Physicians?

A: Their high quality of professionalism and how well they understood how serious I was to finally take this step. They were wonderful in every step of the way. From the time I made the appointment to the day of surgery.

Q: What has your experience been so far?

A: Absolutely wonderful. Dr. Misra’s staff is incredible. When I needed to speak with Dr. Misra after hours it was not an issue. Dr. Misra called me back within 15 minutes. The staff is so nice and polite, very courteous to me and extremely helpful.

Q: What surprised you the most?

A: Dr. Misra calling me when I needed to speak with her in the late evening. Her detail of explanation of the surgery. What was going to happen before during and after surgery! Loved the after care and her calling the day after surgery to see how I was doing. The follow up visits and the continuing consults regarding diet and exercise.

Q: What are you most looking forward to now?

A: I take each day as it comes. I am 35pds to my goal weight*. I have never felt so good and feel so healthy. Now I can take those long walks, ride my bicycle and eat healthy. My goal is to help other men and women who are going to have this surgery. Be their surrogate mentor.

Q: Anything else you want to share…

A: Knowing what to do after you have been sleeved is the best knowledge you can gain. Understanding what you can and cannot eat is vital for your successful weight loss. I completely recommend Dr. Misra for the Gastric Sleeve Starr Treatment surgery she is the BEST. THANK YOU THANK YOU for saving my life.

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