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Pounds Lost:
50+ lbs*

Hello my name is Luis Octavio “EL Gordo Disc Jockey for La Mejor 96.7 FM” I took a life changing decision in January 2010 by undergoing the lap band procedure, since then I have lost more than 50 pounds*. My diabetes is controlled*, my feet no longer swell like they used to* and my dark spots on my feet, due to diabetes, have disappeared*. I am eating healthier and people even tell me I look younger, which has improved my self-esteem significantly. I am very thankful to Dr. Feiz and the personnel at Beverly Hills Physicians who have treated me marvelously. Thank You Beverly Hills Physicians.

Hola mi nombre es Luis Octavio “El Gordo de la Mejor” yo tome la decision mas importante de mi vida al practicarme el procedimiento lap band Enero 2010, desde entonces he bajado mas de 50 libras*, mi diabetes esta en control, los pies ya no se me inchan como antes han ido desaparenciendo las manchas que tenia en mis piernas consecuencia del diabetes, estoy comiendo mas saludable y la gente dice que me veo mas joven cosa que aumenta mi auto estima. Estoy muy agradecido con el Doctor Feiz y la gente de Beverly hills Physicians que me han tratado de maravilla. Gracias Beverly Hills Physicians!

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