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Pounds Lost:
70 lbs*

Q: Why did you decide to have Bariatric Surgery (Realize/LapBand)?

A: After many years of many different diets, losing and then gaining back the weight I new I needed a different approach. I needed something that would be a permanent tool and reminder of the way I needed to eat.

Q: Why did you choose Beverly Hills Physicians?

A: After researching on the internet, I found BHP and decided to attend a seminar and after getting the information and meeting Dr. Misra, I felt the confidence and caring I needed to make my decision.

Q: What has your experience been so far?

A: So far I have lost approximately 70 lbs* and am feeling great. My blood pressure’s gone way down and I am off blood pressure medicine*. Any time I have needed anything, I can call or text and get an answer immediately. The support is amazing.

Q: What surprised you the most?

A: I think the thing that surprised me most is after the surgery – any time I needed an adjustment, or had questions or concerns, BHP has always been so eager to help and encourage. Their care only just began on surgery day.

Q: What are you most looking forward to now?

A: I am definitely looking forward to continued success. I am excited that I have this tool to help me along the way and it can be adjusted to help me as needed. I feel like BHP will continue to be with me all along the way, I will never be alone on this journey.

Q: Anything else you want to share?

A: I would like to “Thank” BHP for their care. Before the surgery I had no idea how important that is to ones success! I couldn’t imagine how it would be not having them when I need them, and I never feel like they are being bothered. That has been so helpful to me! I look forward to our continued relationship.

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