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Pounds Lost:
156 lbs*

Q: Why did you decide to have the Lap-Band®?

A: I have been considered morbidly obese in medical terms for the majority of my life, however it was one week that I had an epiphany moment and decided it was time to take control! My daughter began crawling, and I couldn’t keep up. I went shopping for jeans and had to go to the maternity section. And the last straw was my doctor told me if I continue down the path I was going with my health/weight I wouldn’t be here for my daughter. I had tried EVERYTHING! Diets and infomercial exercise equipment just wasn’t working for me. I needed a tool that would guide me and keep me on track. After all my research Lap-Band® was the right fit for me and my needs.

Q: Why did you choose Beverly Hills Physicians?

A: After meeting with Drs and other companies that provide the Lap-Band® I felt by far the most comfortable at Beverly Hills Physicians. The staff are all so friendly and helpful. My consultant gave me all the information I needed plus. All the doctors that perform the Lap-Band® came highly recommended and I was very impressed with Dr Feiz who made me feel like he was there for me. My consultant went above and beyond for me. The night before and the morning of my surgery she texted and emailed me to check in and let me know everything was prepared and ready for me. I have recommended Beverly Hills Physicians to several people not only for the Lap-Band® because they do offer so many other services.

Q: What has your experience been so far?

A: My experience with the Lap-Band® has been amazing! I have lost the weight that was keeping me from really living and experiencing life to its fullest!* I can shop where ever I want, I can run around with my daughter without getting the slightest bit winded, I can look in the mirror and finally be happy at what I see!

Q: What surprised you the most?

A: I knew I would lose weight after having the Lap-Band® but I was surprised at the confidence and new relationship with food that I gained. I eat to fuel myself now, not because of an emotion. I love trying and eating fresh vegetables and fruits. I thought I would have to rely on the Lap-Band® to lose and keep the weight off, but it was the tool that jumpstarted my loss. The rest was all me! That is a great feeling to know that the Lap-Band® put me in control again!

Q: What are you most looking forward to now?

A: I am no longer afraid of the changing seasons! Bring on Summer and Bring on Spring! This girl is no longer afraid of a bathing suit or shorts!

Q: Anything else you want to share…

If you are questioning if Lap-Band® works … it does! Now go see if it’s a right fit for you! 🙂

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