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Case Of The Month Procedure: LapBand (5/2012)

This 32 year old woman came to our office in search of a solution for her significant morbid obesity. She had been battling her weight for over half her life without success, and was desperately looking for a permanent solution. She was 294lbs, 5’9″ with a BMI of over 43, placing her in the morbidly obese classification, and she was very concerned about developing diabetes and high blood pressure. After a lengthy discussion of her options, she was found to be an excellent candidate for the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, and underwent her procedure in August 2010. By reducing her hunger and giving her satisfaction with small amounts of food, she has had amazing success. She has lost over 123lbs* with the LapBand so far, currently weighing 170lbs.* She is no longer restricted or limited by her weight, and is healthy and active. Not only has the surgery prevented the development of the diseases such as type II diabetes and hypertension, but she had extended her life expectancy by over 8-14years. The ability for sustained significant weight loss with this safe surgical option is rewarding to the patient, as well as her physicians. “I am so happy to have been a part of Michele’s transformation and reclaiming of her life.” – Dr Misra*

Procedure performed by Dr Monali Misra, MD

Patient Testimonial:

My experience has been amazing so far. I have been to a couple of their locations and at each location the staff has been so nice and helpful. If feels good to walk in the office and the staff and Dr. Misra are just as excited over my weight loss as I am. I am just so surprised how friendly and helpful a doctor could be. Usually I feel like I am just another patient with doctors, but with Dr. Misra I feel like she genuinely cares for each and everyone one of her patients. I just can’t express how happy I am with Beverly Hills Physicians.*

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