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Rhinoplasty (07/2017)

Rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Richard Hodnett

This is a young man who presented for Rhinoplasty in December of last year. He had a deviated septum, previous fracture and complained about the large hump in his nose. He desired to look “normal”.

My approach was to present him with options which he could choose from. He chose a reduction rhinoplasty with correction of the septum and elevating the columnella to prevent columnella show, where you can see inside the nose from the side.

The recent photos are less than two months post-op but he is extremely happy with the results. The swelling of the nose is normal but is coming along nicely for such a short time.

Here is his personal testimonial:

“Plastic surgery always scared me but I was tired of everyone looking at my hook of a nose and not me. I went to see Dr. Hodnett and his office staff was wonderful. I was made aware of the options of the surgery and was not told I was going to look like a movie star. I was made aware of what the difficulty was and given options. I chose to proceed with the surgery based on the information I was given. Subsequently I had the surgery and I could not be happier. The result has been great and will get better with time. I now want to have my picture taken and can only thank Dr. Hodnett and his staff for all of their support.”

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