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Face Lift (3/2015)

“A few years ago I was looking for a Dr. to perform a face lift. At the time I was 52 but with energy of a 40 year old and my face didn’t represent my life style. I looked tired and I wanted a fresh look. It took me a whole year to find the right Dr. and I do encourage people to meet with several doctors to determine which hands you should trust.*

In my journey, I consulted 5 Doctors (the 5 best plastic surgeons in San Diego) and I choose Dr. Kincaid. When I met him, it was like I was talking to a friend, he made me feel relaxed, he asked me as many questions as I asked him and he wanted to make sure that I wanted a face lift for the right reasons. Many of my friends and family members were concerned with my decision because of the horror stories that you hear, but I was sure based on my conversations and before and after pictures of his work, that I was going to get a fresh and natural look, not a stretched fake Hollywood look.*

I scheduled the surgery during the Christmas vacation, his staff was wonderful (again a group of people that you feel more like a bunch of friends taking care of you) the surgery was a success, I also had my eyes done and lipo on my neck. It took about 2 weeks for the bruising to go away and about 2 more weeks to see the results …I love my face and OMG my eyes are fabulous!*

Few years later I wanted my body to match my face so I decided to do a tummy tuck and lipo on my legs (inside and out) and back. I know…it’s a lot to be done at one time. I picked Dr. Kincaid again because of my previous experience with him and his staff. I have to say that a tummy tuck is a major surgery and the recovery is longer than a face lift, but the results are amazing. I was not a large woman to begin with 5’1 about size 8 but my skin, due to my age and gaining and losing weight throughout the years, had lost elasticity. Another big contributor was my pregnancy (many moons ago) with my son, who was a very large baby in small body like mine, so my skin was loose and it looked like I had a bump in my lower tummy. Regardless of exercise or diet that “bump” was never going to go away and my arms looked like “grandma” arms if you know what I mean.*

It has been 2.5 month since that surgery, I’m still a little swollen, and it will take few a more months for recovery but I’m now a size 4… the difference is so extraordinary that my friends and coworkers are amazed.*

The 2 procedures have boosted my self-esteem and confidence, I cannot thank Dr. Kincaid and his fabulous team (especially Celeste and Elaine) enough, I am still in shock when I look in the mirror, I know see the person I want to be.”* – L.L. (San Diego County)

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