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Patients Feel Empowered Following Gastric Sleeve Procedures

Many obese people struggling with their weight can almost feel defeated. They’ve spent years trying everything to love weight with little to no success. They’ve faced cruel remarks and attitudes from strangers and, unfortunately, friends and family. Worst of all, they can sometimes feel disappointed in themselves for not losing weight and living a so-called “normal” life. Well, the team here at Beverly Hills Physicians wants these people to know that losing weight is incredibly difficult and that they are not alone.

Before approving people for weight loss surgery, the Beverly Hills Physicians team has to make sure that a patient has made a valiant effort towards overcoming their own obesity. After all, many patients have tried diet and exercise for years without experiencing any significant weight loss, often due to the fact that weight loss is a slow process and the fact that hunger pangs increase when we finally do start losing weight. Vetting patients before surgery is for many reasons, including the fact that a weight loss procedure, whether lap band or gastric sleeve surgery, requires hard work and making dramatic lifestyle changes in order to be successful.

This is why Beverly Hills Physicians has seen many patients who have had the lap band, gastric sleeve, and even the complex lap band revision to gastric sleeve procedure feel a sense of accomplishment after finally losing weight. They’ve used bariatric surgery as the tool it is in order to lose weight and keep it off, feeling incredibly powerful as they make incredible lifestyle changes. Feel free to check out BHP’s videos and testimonials to see this change for yourself!

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