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Our Weight Loss Surgery Promotes Health and Confidence

At Beverly Hills Physicians, out network of board-certified specialists know that, in order to enjoy all that life has to offer, it’s important to embrace health, beauty and wellness in life. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our team includes a number of superb weight loss surgery experts.

In recent years, we’ve been disheartened to learn that obesity and excess weight has become an increasingly common issue in our society. Obesity is a serious issue, as it can increase one’s risk of suffering from serious diseases like arthritic, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. That’s why the bariatric surgeries offered at BHP are so valuable.

One of the most remarkably effective weight loss procedures is gastric sleeve surgery. As practiced by our expert surgeons, gastric sleeve – or sleeve gastrectomy – begins with the removal of approximately 85% of the stomach. The remainder is then sewn into a sleeve-like shape. A smaller stomach limits the amount that a person is capable of eating, while also decreasing the feelings of hunger that lead to failure while dieting. Thus, our patients can lose weight while still feeling great every day.

Lap Band is one of the most popular weight loss treatments, but for those who have found less-than-satisfying results, we also perform Lap Band revision to gastric sleeve surgery, a treatment that requires the highest level of skill. These weight loss treatments mean that even if you’re suffering from severe obesity, there is always reason for hope thanks to the treatments and talents of BHP.

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