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One Young Woman’s Procedure

More than ten years after the fact, “Glee” actress and recording artist Naya Rivera says in a new memoir that she is still very happy with her breast augmentation procedure at 29. While Ms. Rivera was somewhat younger than most breast augmentation patients when she had her work done, her reasons for obtaining the procedure and for her satisfaction with the results since is extremely similar to the majority of patients. These include:

Improved Self-Esteem – Rivera writes that her breast augmentation was “a confidence thing, not a sexual thing.” This is very often the case for younger patients in particular who may still be finding their way in the world. Whether it’s looking better on the beach in her new swimsuit or wearing a formal dress for a major social event, having a bust that is more to a young woman’s liking can definitely add to her self-esteem and overall happiness. Many patients report that the confidence gained from breast augmentation surgeries not only helps them in social settings, but also in terms of their careers in many fields.

Realistic Expectations – It’s extremely important for all plastic surgery patients to have a clear and realistic view of the most likely outcome of a given procedure so they understand what they can expect once the procedure has been completed, and our BHP doctors are committed to discussing these matters with patients in detail. The information covered includes the recovery period, which is increasingly brief due to innovations in how procedures are performed, as well as in the period after.

Reliable Outcomes – While breast augmentation procedures are extremely safe, they are still surgery and patients need to be sure they are working with highly qualified physicians. All of our plastic surgeons are highly experienced and respected members of the profession with proven track records behind them.


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