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Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

If you’re contemplating having rhinoplasty, remember that everyone is an individual and all noses should not look alike. Eileen Ford has been said not to accept a model into her famous Ford Agency School in New York City, if the applicant even looks like she’s had a nose job. Whether you’re a model or not, the individual look is in. It’s very common to observe poor surgery performed on the nose, because noses are the most difficult to change. The nose tissue, especially cartilages, will actually want to return to their original shape. Many physicians will claim their nose surgery will not result in black eyes, but that is because they are removing only the top hump of the nose instead of performing a truly proportionate reduction of the hump as seen from every angle. You want a fairly strong bridge, with not too much of the top scooped out, as witnessed with nose jobs of the ’50s and ’60s. In most noses the length of the bridge needs to be reduced in proportion to the height reduction and overall size reduction. (i.e., if you take down the bridge 10% take down the length 10%) Look at the stars on TV and notice how many noses look good only from a side profile. I am opposed to the procedure, represented which is called a “profile-plasty,” because it gives the stigma of a broad plateau when seen from the front. The proportionate relationship of the tip to the rest of the nose needs to be taken into consideration when all other parts of the nose are being reduced. The tip could look enlarged if you do not take this into consideration. Debulking a tip that is too fat or wide promotes a nice appearance as well. The roundness of the nostril must be considered; the nostril should not look completely round, but should resemble a fine slipper or a slender footprint. The ideal nasolabial angles are 105 degrees for men; 115 for women. You do not want the nose turned up too much, but a little upturn goes a long way toward providing a youthful look.

Rhinoplasty takes from one to three hours depending on the complexity of the condition of the nose. Most patients have sedation prior to and during the procedure and other patients request a general anesthesia. Nearly all rhinoplasty operations are done in the surgeon’s office facility.

The amount of brusing depends again on how complex the procedure is, but in general most patients experience about a week of discoloration and swelling around the eyes and upper cheeks. The nose itself will be swollen for around ten to fourteen days or longer. A subtle resolution of the swelling at the tip of the nose can take several months to go away.

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