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Non-Surgical Weight Loss Experts for You

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Experts for You

Too many people believe that being very overweight or obese means someone has no will power, but this is simply untrue. People who struggle with their weight typically do so their whole lives, because obesity is related to their environment, family history, and genetics – in other words, things most of us can’t control. However, until recently, the only anti-obesity recommendations for people who have a body mass index between 30 and 40 was diet and exercise, and perhaps some counseling. These are not easy to maintain without certain kinds of very specific help. Now, Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to offer ORBERA balloon weight loss, to help people who are obese and need non-surgical treatment to lose weight.

During your first appointment with Beverly Hills Physicians, you will not only meet your balloon weight loss doctor, but the whole team of experts who will work with you after this simple procedure. The procedure itself takes less than 10 minutes, and involves installing a balloon-like device filled with saline in your stomach. The balloon will remain in your stomach for six months, and during that time, you will receive support through Beverly Hills Physicians to help you not just lose weight, but make healthy choices for the long-term, so you can continue to maintain a healthy weight.

The ORBERA balloon makes you feel fuller when eating less food, but our non-surgical weight loss team can also help you learn about healthy eating options, portion sizes, exercise routines, and much more. You will begin to feel great, avoid weight-related diseases, and look great, thanks to Beverly Hills Physicians. 

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