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No One Should be Excluded from Looking Great

In a recent article published on the web site, Bustle, the author set out on an experiment to prove that when people say the phrase “I could never pull that off” in relation to fashion, it is simply a result of their lack of confidence, rather than an actual inability to look good in a certain outfit. To make this determination, the author gathered up several volunteers, asked them about the particular style that they could theoretically never pull off, and then dressed them up in that style for an on-the-streets photoshoot. After doing this, the majority of subjects found that the style they avoided was actually nothing to fear.

Even more, the author found that those unfamiliar with the subjects’ fashion fears could not distinguish them from someone who comfortably dresses in that style. The fact of the matter is that, when it comes to looking good, everyone’s harshest critic is always going to be themselves. Many of our prospective plastic surgery patients share similar hold-ups about how others might view their new look, but it is important that they remember that it is their own opinion that matters most.

At BHP, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide patients with truly transformative plastic surgery results, and we regularly engage with patients who might express doubts if those around them would be accepting of their procedure. It is far too often the case that a patient has their heart set on a particular procedure, but he or she is concerned that other people will not be accepting of their new look, or judge them for wanting to change their appearance. Yet, with both fashion and plastic surgery, people tend to think that others are judging them far more than they ever really are.


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