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New Ways to Bond

A recent article on Insider reported on a mother-daughter duo featured on the TLC show, sMothered, which followed the pair having plastic surgery together on the same day. The two women agreed that the experience helped them bond and strengthen their relationship, especially as they recovered from their procedures together. The article reported that, while the mother initially wanted a breast augmentation, she eventually settled on less invasive procedures so that she could take care of her daughter, who underwent a tummy tuck during her recovery. While this is certainly a creative way to boost one’s relationship with a close friend or family member, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind before any kind of cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery.

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The first and most important factor in deciding to have an enhancement procedure is to ensure that the individual truly wants the surgery for themselves. Just as there may be opinions pushing against plastic surgery, there are also those who might exert a little too much pressure in the other direction. In the end, prospective patients should be proud of whatever decisions they choose on their own to achieve their best outcomes for themselves, whatever those may be.

Those considering plastic surgery should make sure to thoroughly research the procedure they’re interested in as well as potential plastic surgeons. Prospective patients should always be sure that the surgeons they are considering are reputable and have proven track records behind them.

Another thing to consider is the post-procedure recovery process. Like the mother in the article, it’s important to realize how much care and assistance one might need following a surgery and to plan accordingly. For non-invasive “lunchtime” procedures such as injectables or skin treatments, recovery is rather quick and may require little or no downtime. On the other hand, full-fledged plastic surgeries such as a breast augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift will involve notable recovery time. Fortunately, our plastic surgeons here at Beverly Hills Physicians do everything possible to reduce those times by using the latest minimally invasive procedures.

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