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New Study Shows Weight-loss Surgery May Alter Genes

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we are lucky to be able to see the results of our top notch medical treatments directly as they directly affect our patient’s lives. However, we appreciate the work of individuals at every level of medical weight loss. For instance, a recent study in the journal Cell Press and reported on at FoxNews.com found individuals who underwent a complete weight loss program like gastric bypass surgery offered at Beverly Hills Physicians experiences changes in gene expression, improved their body’s ability to burn fat and store sugars properly, and decreased their risk of diabetes.

The study involved rigorous research into chemical modifications imposed externally on genes by lifestyle and environmental influences, a field called epigenetics. “If you are a person who has been struggling with weight, the good news is that if you lose that weight you can restore the metabolic health of the muscle”, says senior study author Juleen Zierath, a professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

For the Rancho Cucamonga weight loss surgery experts at Beverly Hills Physicians, this is even further confirmation of the importance and lifelong effectiveness at a biological and chemical level of our weight loss procedures. For obese or severely overweight residents of Los Angeles, gastric sleeve surgery as performed by the expert surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians provides an incredible opportunity to lead a healthier, longer and more productive life.

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