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New Research Shows the Positive Social Impact of Plastic Surgery

If the only knowledge that people have about plastic surgery is from the headlines they read on tabloid and celebrity gossip sites, they may not have a very positive outlook on plastic surgery. What some people may not realize is that these stories are very much the exception to the rule. Patients who take advantage of the services of experienced and skilled physicians nearly always achieve positive results. Satisfied patients of reputable plastic surgery providers like us have long spoken of the benefits they’ve seen in their own lives from their procedures, but only recently has this benefit been proven through research. According to data published in the Facial Plastic Surgery section of the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who receive facial procedures intended to make them look younger are viewed as more likeable, attractive and feminine after having the procedure.

The study, conducted by researchers at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, had 173 participants look at either the before or after photo of 30 different female facial plastic surgery patients. They all rated each picture as far as their perceived attractiveness, femininity, likability, and trustworthiness. The former three characteristics were shown to be higher in the after pictures. The exception was that, while most people viewed the after pictures as more trustworthy, the margin was not deemed to be statistically significant. It appears that, in addition to the confidence that patients themselves feel, this boost in how others perceive them after plastic surgery can make procedures well worth the cost.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we believe this data makes sense. Facial plastic surgery is often designed to make the patient look youthful and energetic, which often go hand in hand with attractiveness and likeability. It also follows that the youthful look wouldn’t necessarily lead to trustworthiness, as many people may associate trust with wisdom and old age.

The one thing, though, that every patient can trust in is that they are getting the best quality care when they work with one of our talented surgeons. In addition to many of the facial procedures that were looked at in this recent study, we also offer patients a variety of body contouring, breast augmentation, and mommy makeover procedures that can make them look and feel more confident and comfortable in their own body.

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