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New Research on Diabetes Shows Bariatric Surgery’s Health Benefits

While severe obesity and type 2 diabetes are among the most serious health concerns affecting great swaths of the U.S. population, according to an article published recently on WTOP, researchers have found that a solid majority of patients witnessed dramatic improvement and even remission of their diabetes following bariatric surgery. A surgeon quoted in the article explains that, after bariatric surgery, the body’s blood sugar levels may lower or normalize, which may often reduce the need for patients to take diabetes medication. Because one in three Americans struggles with obesity and approximately 29 million have type 2 diabetes, this research underlines the enormous life-saving potential of bariatric surgery.

Many people are advised by their doctors to maintain a regular physical exercise regimen and to improve their diets, but these measures are incredibly difficult to take when a patient is dealing with severe obesity and its associated comorbidities. Moreover, the more excess body weight a patient needs to drop, the more difficult it can be to actually lose it, not to mention keeping it off in the long term. When diets and exercise fail to help people safely lose their excess body weight, bariatric medicine is the only scientifically proven method to effectively bring about sustainable weight loss results.

Because numerous health conditions ranging from high blood pressure and diabetes to depression and a great deal more are directly related to obesity, once patients begin to lose their excess body weight, they are typically extending their lives and improving their long-term quality of life. Of course, weight loss surgery is by no means a magic bullet against obesity – it simply sets the stage for dramatic weight loss by effectively reducing the pangs of hunger that sabotage even the most earnest attempts at weight loss. By establishing and keeping to strict exercise and diet regimens prescribed by our highly experienced coaching team, bariatric surgery patients can expect to live dramatically happier and healthier lives. 

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