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New Diabetic Care Guidelines Shine Brightly on Weight Loss Surgery

The American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association have released new guidelines to educate doctors and patients on the best practices for type 2 diabetes care. The last update to these particular guidelines came in 2007, so the new version is taking into account nearly a decade of recent research data. Anyone who delves into the report can see that it has very positive things to say about weight loss surgery as a way to both help patients lose weight and control type 2 diabetes.

This information has been seen in similar statements and studies before, but it is surely comforting for potential bariatric patients to see that both the ADA and AHA back weight loss surgery as the best way to lose a significant amount of weight. While the treatment of existing health concerns is the primary reason that patients turn to weight loss surgery, there are other reasons, both preventative and cosmetic, why the bariatric route may also be a good choice for patients.

  • Preventative – In addition to helping patients shed the dangerous co-morbidities that they already are suffering from, losing weight can also help prevent patients from developing diseases that they may not yet have contracted, particularly type 2 diabetes. As with almost any area of a person’s health, prevention is always better than a cure and can often save many dollars and years from a person’s life in the long term.
  • Cosmetic – First and foremost, weight loss should be motivated out of the desire to get healthy. Yet, it’s no secret that many people feel a tremendous pressure to get thin in order to feel confident and comfortable with their appearance. Fortunately, our plastic surgery team can also help successful bariatric patients with a body lift to remove any excess skin that may form after their weight has been lost.

While which diseases might be prevented, and exactly how much better a person’s life might get due to the confidence boost that comes with slimming down is be difficult to quantify, there are very real benefits that many patients have experienced.

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