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Never Give Up on Your Weight Loss Journey

Never Give Up on Your Weight Loss Journey

The reason that doctors and patients like to use the term “weight loss journey” when referring to the time after a bariatric procedure is to stress the fact that it is not a simple and effortless fix to obesity. While weight loss surgery does make it much easier for patients to manage their hunger and practice proper portion control, it still requires a great deal of dedication on the part of the patients.

And, although this primarily means the day to day battle to control hunger and eat the proper amount, this also means having the dedication to stick with the bariatric process if the first procedure does not go as smoothly as initially hoped. While many patients have tremendous success with the lap band, others decide, either because of complications or insufficient weight loss, to have the band removed. While there are certainly reasons for removing the band, it is far more hazardous to a person’s long term health to give up on bariatric surgery completely. That is why Beverly Hills Physicians performs revision weight loss surgery to both remove the lap band then give patients a gastric sleeve.

One of the reasons that gastric sleeve surgery is the fastest growing bariatric procedure in America is that, on average, patients lose weight quicker while experiencing a rate of complications lower than the gastric bypass procedure, which many consider to be the old gold standard for bariatric procedures. Now that the gastric sleeve has been perfected by renowned surgeons like the ones at BHP, it has become the preferred operation by many doctors and patients.

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