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Nationwide Enthusiasm for Lip Augmentation is Blossoming

Among the many methods of improving the contour and appearance of the face, lip augmentations are becoming more popular than ever, according to a recent article published on CBS News. In fact, the article explains that, a record number of Americans underwent lip augmentation procedures in 2015, making it the second fastest growing type of facial procedure in the United States. Although prominent individuals like Kylie Jenner are a significant motivating factor in this trend, there are many diverse reasons influencing patients to seek out procedures to create fuller, more attractive looking lips.

Some patients want a very subtle enhancement, and others want a more dramatic change. People with naturally thin lips or individuals whose lips have begun to develop wrinkles are experiencing age-defying results thanks to the great number of different lip augmentation treatments. Interestingly, while the media tends to focus on female celebrities who may have taken advantage of these types of procedures, an increasing number of men are also seeking out lip augmentation procedures. Of course, because every patient is unique, even the most seasoned plastic surgeons cannot usually honor patients’ requests to make their lips look exactly like that of Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, for example. BHP’s highly experienced team of plastic surgeons is, however, able to routinely attain desirable results in nearly all patients. So, when it comes to enhancing lips, some of the most popular options our plastic surgeons are performing include:


  •  Juvédermand Restylane® – These lip fillers uses hyaluronic acid that offers results which are longer-lasting than other nonsurgical injectable treatments. To correct moderate to severe wrinkles around the lips and other parts of the face, Juvéderm and Restylane are highly reliable and leads to excellent results.
  •  Fat transfer – For permanent results, many patients have obtained sexier, fuller lips using this procedure, which makes use of fat harvested from another part of the body that is then re-injected into the lip area. 


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