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More Millennials are Turning to Cosmetic Procedures than Ever Before

A number of recent articles reported on statistics indicating that more people between the ages of 18 and 34 are turning to fillers and injections. While using cosmetic surgery to diminish the signs of aging was once primarily associated with people in their middle years and older, more millennials are now turning to cosmetic procedures significantly earlier in life than before. Here at Beverly Hills Physicians, we’ve noticed a definite upward trend in the number of younger patients visiting their offices. But why are so many millennials turning to age-defying treatments? It must be the reliably positive outcomes!

More Millennials

Experts in our field agree that those who have used treatments such as Botox in their twenties and thirties have benefitted from an improved chance of diminishing the early signs of aging compared to those who wait until later in life to start treatment. However, while Botox is perhaps the most popular option, many people are not fully aware of how it works. This injection is made up of a purified botulinum protein extracted from bacteria. Once it is injected into the skin, it causes the muscles to remain immobile. That prohibits movement and the formation of expression lines, which helps to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

The important thing to be aware of is that not all providers are the same and people who perform injections at certain providers may not always have a suitable medical background. Working with plastic surgeons helps to ensure that procedures are performed with maximum safety and are as effective as possible. That’s why it’s extremely important for prospective patients to conduct research and find a skilled and reputable provider. Also, patients who are looking for more permanent outcomes often find that a combination of injectables with facelifts and other procedures can have an exceptionally powerful impact when performed by a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon.

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