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More Americans are Putting their Tax Refunds into Plastic Surgery Procedures

While Americans have all kinds of uses for their annual tax returns, according to a recent Forbes article, more people than ever will be spending their returns on plastic surgery this year. The article explains that a significant number of people surveyed said they use money from their tax refund to pay for a cosmetic procedure, such as a non-surgical injectable, a breast augmentation, or a rhinoplasty procedure. Due to the continual rise in demand and popularity of plastic surgery and the windfalls that many taxpayers get on an annual basis, these survey results are far from surprising.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people from all walks of life are using their savings and tax refunds to get nipped and tucked in order to look their very best.  Indeed, among women, breast augmentation remains the most popular type of plastic surgery procedure. Many women find that they are unhappy with their breast size or shape, and wish to improve the appearance of them via a breast augmentation or a breast lift procedure. 

Oftentimes, a patient will combine a breast procedure with one or more additional procedures to make for a suite of operations commonly known as a mommy makeover. This group of procedures, which often includes a breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, as well as the form of buttock augmentation using a fat transfer technique, is intended to deal with some of the less flattering impacts that often remain after a woman has given birth. While childbirth and motherhood are wonderful experiences that most mothers cherish, many women are still motivated to obtain a plastic surgery to deal with a few of its less desirable side-effects.

The face remains another area in which many women and men choose to invest.  Nonsurgical injectables are being sought out by women and men to rejuvenate the facial skin and promote a more youthful appearance.  For others, traditional facelifts provide a more lasting return on investment.

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