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Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees…but Neither Do You!

Whether we’re discussing plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures, or anything else relating to medicine, the matter of cost is always going to come up. It’s only natural for patients to be concerned – especially with procedures that are almost never covered by insurance. At Beverly Hills Physicians, we think that patients need to keep a few things in mind.

  • The money you save getting a cut-rate procedure is likely to be a tiny fraction of the often enormous expense of possible multiple revision surgeries following a botched procedure. In the most serious cases, the damage may be permanent or even life-threatening.
  • Viewed positively, investing a little bit more by getting a procedure from skilled physicians you trust simply makes sense. If you’re not going to end up feeling good about their work, why bother?
  • Many procedures are less expensive than you probably assume, and an increasing number of highly effective injectables are offering outstanding results for less immediate cost. Don’t’ just assume you can’t afford something.
  • Finally, when money is an issue for surgeries, our outstanding consultants here at BHP can sit down with you and work out a payment plan that can make most procedures affordable for the majority of people.

If you’re thinking about a procedure, your health needs to be your first concern. You can shop on cost when you’re buying tube socks. 

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