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Moms, Give Yourselves a Break

Recently rapper Cardi B opened up about getting liposuction and having her breast augmentation redone after giving birth to her daughter. She explained that, while some days she felt good, other days she doesn’t feel as confident with her skin stretched out. She also discussed how she struggles with mom guilt, trying to balance work with her new baby.

This just goes to show that dealing with mom guilt and lack of confidence in one’s body after giving birth are normal feelings for new moms everywhere, celebrity or not. Becoming a parent is a big responsibility that comes with different challenges and it can be daunting for new mothers. While they might feel like all their energy should be spent on their brand new offspring, it can be difficult to ignore the changes that pregnancy and giving birth have affected their bodies.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we understand that a physical enhancement to problem areas on your body can also positively affect your mental outlook as well. Whether it’s a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, getting your pre-pregnancy body back can increase your self-confidence and help you focus all your attention to your new bundle of joy.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we moms treating themselves so that they feel more confident in their own skin is something to be proud of. We are committed to helping you look and feel the best version of yourself so that you can give your all to being both a happy person and an awesome parent.

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