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Mommy Makeover Planning: A Sensible Approach for Moms

Earlier this month, the entertainment press covered the plans of former “90 Day Fiancé” star Loren Brovarnik. Now a mother of two, she is planning on having a mommy makeover set of surgeries after having her next baby. The reality TV star and social media personality told US Magazine that, after she has had her third and presumably final child, she wants to have a complete makeover. “We’re gonna tuck this in. We’re gonna get these out. We’re gonna tighten here….if I’m under, I’m under, just do it.” Here at BHP, we agree that it makes sense for patients to take their plans regarding building a family into account before thinking about procedures like those included in a mommy makeover.

mommy makeover is a suite of surgeries customized to an individual’s patient’s needs. The goal is to reverse the unwanted side effects of childbirth and motherhood. While all procedures differ to some degree, the group adds that these makeovers typically include a tummy tuck, breast lifts and/or augmentation, and often a Brazilian butt lift as well. It adds that, while the procedures tend to focus on a woman’s figure, other procedures can be added to the mix. 

Motherhood is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for most women, but there’s no getting around the fact that it places moms under a great deal of physical and emotional stress. These include the bodily changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth, followed by breastfeeding as well as sleep deprivation during the early stages of infancy – not to mention the many challenges of raising children as they grow up. Since the procedures included in a mommy makeover deal directly with these physical changes, it is best to delay getting the procedure until after a woman decides that she has had her last child to avoid relapses. Thinking about getting a mommy makeover even as a woman is still having children may cause parents to think about their timetable and therefore not unduly put off making important decisions when it comes to planning a family and then getting procedures.

It’s not hard to see why mommy makeovers are so popular. Moms often feel as if they are looking after the needs of everyone around them except for themselves. Moreover, looking in the mirror and not liking what you see is not super-great for anyone’s disposition. Procedures such as a tummy tuck can tighten up loose skin caused by the cycle of pregnancy and child-birth; breast lifts and/or augmentation can erase sagging and volume lost due to lactation; liposuction and Brazilian butt lifts can give moms the hourglass physique moms they once had or have always wanted.


Moms deserve the very best. You can learn more about mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, lifts, and the full range of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures by calling the number on your screen or requesting a consultation online. 

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