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Men and Women Turning to Post Bariatric Body Contouring after Weight Loss

Patients who receive weight loss surgery from our talented surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians are typically thrilled with the amount of weight that the surgery helps them lose. They love that weight loss surgery can make them healthier, but also slimmer and better looking. Yet, many men and women come back to us after their surgery asking about their options for surgery to correct the loose skin that often accumulates after rapid weight loss. Older men and women especially, whose skin does not have the same elasticity as it did when they were young, often struggle with loose skin after a significant weight loss. Luckily, our team of cosmetic surgery experts at Beverly Hills Physicians can perform tummy tucks and a variety of other procedures that finally give patients the body they deserve.

In most cases, there is no better surgery than a tummy tuck to get rid of loose skin after rapid weight loss. This procedure has always been popular, but is only growing in popularity as bariatric surgery becomes more common. Known medically as an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck procedure has long been a staple of mommy makeover packages to correct the loose skin that sometimes comes along following childbirth. Now, a growing number of the patients who receive this kind of body contouring procedure are men and women who have recently had bariatric surgery. Tummy tucks are also done in conjunction with liposuction procedures to give patients an immediate, toned new look. Because liposuction is a type of rapid weight loss in a specific area of the body, tummy tucks are often used as complementary procedures to make the results look more natural.

The great part about a full-service clinic like ours is that people can get body contouring post-bariatric surgery from a medical provider they know and trust. When patients are able to obtain their treatments from the same provider, doctors are able to better communicate and collaborate to ensure that the later procedures go as well as the first.

As with any procedure, where you go for treatment makes a tremendous difference. It is incredibly important to select an experienced surgeon to assure that you get the best, most beautiful results from your surgery.

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