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Men Also Want to Look their Best

A recent article on Empowher lists the top five cosmetic surgeries for men, according to the Cosmetic Surgery National Bank, also reporting that some 1.2 million male procedures were performed in 2015. In fact,  the number of male patients we at BHP have been seeing in our offices has been continuing to increase, and men are actually receiving many of the same procedures that are most popular among women patients, from eyelid lifts and breast reduction to facial rejuvenation. While every male patient has his own individual story, their motivations for obtaining a procedure break down into roughly three groups.



  1. To Be a Stand Out. Just as more and more women are seeking breast and buttock augmentation procedures to craft attention-getting figures, more and more men are seeking to perfect their eye-catching physiques with body contouring procedures, such as liposuction to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that seem immune to exercise and diet, or pectoral implants to better emphasize a muscular chest. Men seeking to improve already handsome faces often explore such options as a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) or chin implants.
  2. To Fit In. Everyone wants to feel more self-confident, but a lack of self-assurance in men caused by a perceived problem with their appearance can be more devastating than many women might assume. In particular, male breast reduction to deal with gynecomastia, a common medical issue resulting in oversized male breasts, has become an extremely popular solution for both younger and older males who may previously have been uncomfortable at beach or poolside activities, or even just wearing a snug t-shirt or sweater. Rhinoplasty, long among the most popular of male procedures, is also another common surgery for men who may feel uncomfortable with an unusually prominent nose.
  3. To Stay in the Game. Ageism is not only a problem for women. As they age, many men find that they are taken less seriously at the workplace and on the social scene. For these men, facelifts and a number of newer non-surgical facial rejuvenation options are an increasingly popular option. From facial fillers to “Bro-Tox,” a growing number of men from a broad age range are shaving years off their age to improve their self-confidence and remain active in their career and personal lives. 

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