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Meet your Goals with Weight Loss Revision at Beverly Hills Physicians

Lap band is an increasingly popular treatment for obsess patients – due in large part to its minimally invasive nature. During lap band, a gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, which creates a small pocket that fills up as you eat. Since the patient’s stomach is banded off, a smaller among of food will lead to a full, contented feeling. The result is often rapid, safe weight loss, without feelings of hunger or discomfort – that’s why it’s no surprise lap band is such a commonly requested weight loss surgery at Beverly Hill Physicians.

However, as effective as lap band may be, it’s important to remember that the treatment is not for everybody. In fact, in some cases, patients will undergo lap band and find that they would have been better served by undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure. Fortunately, the world-class, board certified surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians have garnered incredible results performing complex lap band revision to gastric sleeve procedures.

At BHP, we understand that the decision to undergo any sort of weight loss treatment is never made easily. It is often a sensitive subject, and it takes much consideration in order to figure out which procedure is right for your particular goals. That’s why those who require a revision treatment will always want to know they’re working with a team that is truly committed to precise, artistic perfection – every time. If you’re considering a revision surgery for a failed cosmetic treatment, contact Beverly Hills Physicians today, and look forward to a truly first-rate experience.

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