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Many Lap Band Patients are Converting to Sleeve

Unfortunately, not every lap band surgery leads to long-term success. This can be due to many reasons; inadequate work by a doctor, an incompatibility with a person’s lifestyle, a simple biological incompatibility with the lap band (which is a foreign object), and much more. Here at Beverly Hills Physicians, we’ve seen our fair share of lap band recipients who have experienced discomfort with the lap band or had inadequate weight loss. In some rare cases, people may even gain weight if healthy foods are causing gastrointestinal discomfort following banding.

At Beverly Hills Physicians, we have a solution to lap band woes; an operation that will simultaneously remove the irritating lap band and convert the stomach to a gastric sleeve. This is all performed through a laparoscope, which leaves minimal scarring. This is a great chance for those who were hopeful for change their first time around to not give up that hope and finally experience dramatic and life-saving weight loss.

Not every practice is the same when it comes to revision weight loss surgery; experience counts. The more specialized and experienced a bariatric surgeon is, the safer and successful the procedure will be. The BHP bariatric physicians are board certified and have performed hundreds of weight loss surgeries. This makes them an incomparable resource for those hoping to finally conquer their obesity. Give BHP a call to learn more at 1-800-670-3602.

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