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Many Happy Returns

Happy ReturnsNo one likes paying taxes but everyone loves a good tax return. Some of us just put that yearly windfall in the bank, while others use it to get a little something extra for themselves – a vacation, new clothes, a down payment on a new car – or that plastic surgery they’ve been thinking about for ages! Every year we get an influx of new patients after tax time and there’s a reason. The reward of a job well done on your taxes can be the self-confidence that comes with feeling and looking your very best.

Many people who have never had plastic surgery imagine that only the famous and the fabulously wealthy benefit from it. That’s a misconception that gets more untrue every year.

Because Beverly Hills Physicians is based in the Greater Los Angeles area, some of our clients are from the entertainment business – but few of them are anyone you’ve heard of. We see all kinds of people with ordinary occupations whose only connection to “the business” is on their couch or at the movie theater. Teachers, accountants, restaurant employees, administrative assistants, even construction workers take advantage of the range of services we offer on regular basis.

Of course, strictly cosmetic procedure will not be covered by insurance and we understand that patients have to be concerned about costs. Fortunately, people with healthy tax returns often get enough to pay for a significant chunk or even all of a procedure – though that obviously depends on the work and the size of the tax returns. Our friendly and knowledgeable Beverly Hills Physicians consultants can usually bridge the gap with financing options that can make procedures a match with most budgets.

Whether you’ve been thinking about rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, a facelift, or a mommy makeover suite of plastic surgeries, we can help. For details, call us at the number on your screen or request a consultation online.

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